Water Facts

Water is The Source of Life

PuriV™ - π-water

Do you know?
1. 75% of the earth surface is water
2. 75% of the human body is also water

"How concerned are you about the water you are drinking?"

Water facts

  • 1. Water is one of the best tools for weight loss
  • 2. Drinking a good amount of quality water could lower your risks of a heart attack
  • 3. Being dehydrated can sap your energy and make you feel tired
  • 4. Drink quality water can clear up your skin

  • Secret of the Top 3 Villages in Longevity

    According to research, the world’s top 3 villages in longevity are

    1. Yuzurihara Village in Japan
    2. Antilles Mountain In South America
    3. Caucasus in Soviet Union

    People of these 3 villages live an average of 10 years longer than those living in the lowlands. Scientists have discovered that the main reason is due to the water that they drink. By doing field trips, scientists found out that the water sources of these villages contain vast amounts of energy minerals.

    These minerals cause vibrations in the water, thus leading to smaller water molecules. These molecules are smaller than those found in tap water, highly permeable, easily absorbed and contain 3 times more oxygen that tap water. The result is that the villagers are energetic, strong, do not get sick easily and thus naturally have a longer lifespan.

    PuriV™ premium water purification system converts your tap water into High Energy Living Water or π-water with its 5-Channel Filter Elements & 10-Layer Filtration technology. This is the secret of water in the three longevity villages.


PuriV™ converts tap water into π-Water

PuriV™ - π-water

What is π-Water?

π -Water also known as Energy Water is a term reserved for water with several unique properties that are vital for hydrating cells and supporting life functions.

π -Water is first discovered by Dr Akihiro Yamashita, a professor of Nagoya University, Japan. π-Water is an iron base compound derived from bivalent and trivalent ferrates Fe2Fe3Cl5. It is the water which can be found inside all living bodies including humans, animals and plants. Any water taken into a living body must be converted into this "living water". If normal water is taken, a great deal of energy is needed to convert it into this living body water.

π -Water require much less energy for the conversion and is easily absorbed into our body.

π -Water is the water for life! It is able to help in growth, metabolic efficiency, enzyme activation and promote anti-aging.

Major Benefits

1. Eco-friendly, no boiling needed and save money too!
2. Thoroughly cleanses the body with living water, removes waste products
3. Thoroughly filters out and removes germs, thus preventing the harm caused by residing germs
4. Filters out all kinds of pollutants, prevents diseases of unknown causes
5. Activates and purifies, suitable for both drinking and cleansing
6. Socket-free, no wasting of water, economical and environmentally friendly
7. Strict in material selection, quality guarantee, ergonomic design and easy installation Creative technology, world-recognised filters

Regenerating Effects

1. Increase Vitality

The smaller water molecules promotes activation, increases amount of dissolved oxygen, increases metabolism and promotes growth.

2. Enhances Metabolism

Flushes out heavy metals, toxins and accumulated wastes in the body.

3. Eliminate Germs

Flow of Purifying Water removes micro dirt and germs while preserving beneficial minerals, fulfils pure and healthy drinking standards.

4. Improves Body Constitution

Preserves body’s weak alkaline nature, promotes physiological reactions, strengthens cell functions and enhance constitution.

5. Regeneration Function

Helps damaged cell tissues to regenerate, recover and regain normal functions.

6. Sweet and Delicious

Minimises clusters of molecules, preserves suitable amount of mineral ions, thus tastes good.

7. Strengthen Bodily Function

Protects cells from pathogen attacks, prevents diseases, strengthens immunity.

8. Enhances Flavour of Food

Completely removes excess nitrogen and unpleasant odours, thus preserving the original taste of cooked food.

9. Completely Clean & Pure

Removes heavy metals, germs, organic wastes and harmful products like pesticides etc.

5 Filter Elements | 10 Filtration Processes

1. Ultra Dense Fibre Filter Element (3-6 months)

❶ Uses 5 micron fibre filter aperture, highly efficient, low pressure difference, filter out rust, mud, stones, hair, suspended micro-organisms, etc.

2. Ionic Filter Element - Food Standard (3-6 months)

❷ Quality meets the American NSF inspection standards. Resin layer with the filter element has ion exchange function, thus is able to release calcium and other ions, turning hard water into soft water. Lowers water hardness, removes heavy metals like chromium, lead, arsenic, fluoride, organic substances and other harmful carcinogens; resulting in tasty, high quality water.

3. PuriV-003. Three-Section Complex Active-Carbon Filter Element(6-12 months)

❸ KDF conforms to NSF test standards and is zinc-copper compound. It can neutralise organic and inorganic mercury, trichloroethylene (TCE), trihalomethane (THM) and other heavy metals.

❹ KDF also prevents germs growth and preserves water freshness. Once combined with activated carbon, its ability to remove chlorine increases by 6 to 8 times.

❺ KDF strongly absorbs pigment chloride, calcium and zinc. It also reduces the amount of calcium carbonate.

4. PuriV-004. Mineral Elemental Energy with Ceramic Filter Element (5 years)

❻ Biochemical ceramic balls - 100% natural mineral elements are extracted from thermal diatomite and mineralise the water and ions. The mineral elements can exchange continuously with the connate water by means of the "exchange principle", thus releasing many kinds of minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body.

❼ Far infrared ray - The principle of the fluctuating magnetic field is used to reduce water molecules size, thus leading to more active and live water. Activated water is easily absorbed by cells and increases metabolism.

❽ Shirakawa stone - Strongly absorbs and removes the chromium, mercury and coliform in water. Water is oxygen-rich, thus is weakly alkaline.

❾ Noble gem - Releases energy of far infrared ray and activates anions. Promotes blood circulation, detoxifies, discharges toxins, cleanses blood and strengthens immunity. Prevents vitamins B and C loss when used to rinse fruits and vegetables, activates cells (anti-aging).

5. Nano-size Active Silver Carbon (12-24 months)

❿ After silver (Ag) has been Nano-sized, it becomes positively charged Nano-particles (Ag+). When it comes into contact with negatively charged cells of the micro organisms, they attract each other. The Ag+ penetrates through the cell surface and changes the inner composition, thus lowering generation capacity. This prevents the cells from metabolizing and reproducing, thus leading to eventual death of the germs.

Ag+ also strongly attracts the -SH.-NH2.-COOH and other groups of the enzyme protein and reacts with them. This prevents the formation of protein (which is the source of energy), destroys the cell membrane of the germs and results in their eventual death.

Practical Tips

Follow the below tips to celebrate life with Puriv™ energy water - natural spring water from your tap.

  • Wine Tasting
    Add 10% PuriV™ Water to strong spirits, sweetens alcohol, prevents getting drunk.
  • Coffee
    Coffee brewed with PuriV™ water has stronger aroma and retains it for long periods without causing discomfort.
  • Making Milk
    Mineral life water completely dissolves in milk and prevents souring.
  • Black Spots
    Add 10% PuriV™ Water to strong spirits, sweetens alcohol, prevents getting drunk.
  • Eye bags
    Coffee brewed with PuriV™ water has stronger aroma and retains it for long periods without causing discomfort.
  • Hair Care
    Mineral life water completely dissolves in milk and prevents souring.
  • Face
    Mineral life water completely dissolves in milk and prevents souring.
  • Bathing
    Mineral life water completely dissolves in milk and prevents souring.
  • Cooking
    Improves taste and prevents spoilage.
  • Noodles
    Make noodles more flexible.
  • Remove Odors
    Washing with it can remove smells of sausages, garlic and onion.
  • Herbs
    Use to decoct herbs, releases full power of herbs, increases effectiveness.
  • Washing Fruits & Vegetables
    Wash vegetables and fruits with it to remove heavy metals, pesticides and pollutants.
  • Boiling Soup
    Bring out the flavor of all kinds of vegetables and dishes, making them fresher and more delicious.
  • Athlete’s Foot/Hand Dermatitis
    Soak you hands and feet daily for an effective cure.
  • Excess Stomach Acid
    Drink on an empty stomach or when in pain.
  • Chronic Disease
    Long term usage for those suffering from diabetes, hypertension, gout uremic disease, liver disease, migraine, physical pain, back pain and calculus is sage.
  • Stomatitis
    Those suffering from oral inflammation, sore throat and toothache can soak in it or gargle.
  • Fatigue
    Drinking it everyday relieves fatigue and improves sleep quality.
  • Sunscreen
    Acts as sunscreen, prevents damage from sun.


PuriV™ Installation

1. Completely self-installable
2. No special tools required
3. Setup within minutes

PuriV™ Installation
1. Neat
2. Easy to maintain
3. Convenient


  • Package
  • PuriV™ System
  • PuriEasy™ Plan
  • PuriV™ Service Plan
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  • S$1269.00
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  • Monthly Fee
  • n.a.
  • S$60.00
  • S$36.00
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